Training Resources - website is organized by training (speed, fitness, stretching, etc), player skills (drills by skill and position), and tactics/coaching (formations and coaching methods). - website is organized by drills on different sized playing areas (circle, half pitch/penalty area, grids/channels, large square rectangle). Drills then have a brief description to tell you if it’s for passing, passing/possession, dribbling, dribbling possession, etc.

SoccerDadApp - an iPhone/iPad app that was created by someone in the area.  In-House and Rec coaches could find helpful, especiallly the part about setting up weekly line-ups to keep equal playing time across the season. - website is organized by drills, tips and skills as well as age groups.  Drills are also ranked by readers.

Strongsoccer Drill Videos

UEFA Training Ground

US Soccer Curriculum - U.S. Soccer Federation new coaching curriculum for coaches of players ages 5-12.  Youth Technical Director Claudio Reyna offers "age-appropriate roadmap" for player development.