Gettysburg Battlefield Blast U13 Girls Champions

The PASC U13 Girls Force were crowned undefeated champions at the recent Gettysburg Battlefield Blast.  The girls went 6-0, beating WYSA Gametime (2-0) & (3-1 in semi-finals), Mason Dixon Lightning (2-0), HMMS Revolution (2-0), & the Barrens Dragons (7-0).  This allowed them to reach the finals against NEPA Premier Training Academy.  They beat the NEPA team 2-1 in sudden death overtime.  Overtime consisted of 7v7 with no goalies and a player being removed every 5 minutes till a team scored.  Parents were assured if their heart survived watching that, no need for their routine cardiac stress test.  The girls moved the ball extremely well and showed patience over the 6 game tournament.  Congratulations Force girls!  As always, we are proud of you!