Message from 2010 PASC President

The Upper 90

March 2010

To:  All Members of Parkland Area Soccer Club


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Program Coordinators and the Key Volunteers of our Club, I look forward to the Spring Season and the rest of this year with great expectation and soaring anticipation for the growth and development of our club.  Over the past few months there have been a number of significant changes to our club, our programs, our committees and the way we present ourselves to the public.  We feel these changes will help us grow and develop our young athletes, our capabilities and expertise, and our brand.


Since our beginnings in 2005, my predecessors on the Board of Directors have carefully and consistently worked to make our club foundation strong.  And so today we embark on our 6th year of operations and look to grow and develop the structure to put on that strong foundation.  We believe that we offer the best Soccer Value in this area and our consistent strong membership numbers allow us to plan for our future growth and development.  Our goal this year is to grow and develop our players, our programs, our committees, our volunteers, our sponsorship and our respect and admiration in our community and the soccer community.


The most impressive change is that we have strengthened, increased and focused our Coaching Committee on the growth and development of our players, noted above as one of my key objectives for this year.  We believe it is essential and critical that we provide affordable high level training for our players and coaches.  With this in mind, our coaching committee is developing plans and working with our programs on training plans and curriculums for every member of our club to help them become the best soccer player that is within them.  We will once again offer our Player Development Program Clinics this spring and summer.  Our program information will be posted on our site and emailed to you in the very near future.


Another positive change is to our website.  Hopefully you visit the website regularly and if not, I encourage you to make time to visit the site soon and often.  Through many hours of work and development by a few key volunteers, we now have a portal that reflects the strengths of our club for our members and to the public. Our site is a tremendous source of information about who we are and the programs we offer.  Very few days go by where I do not receive a compliment on the site and its content.  Our content is changing daily and as our experience with the new site grows, we expect to make this the best option for our members to keep current on the success of our membership and opportunities for growth and development.


We also have a new service for our email communication.  We are convinced that electronic communication is the most effective means to reach our membership and keep them informed on club programs and activities.  We hope you find our messages informative and helpful as a way to stay up to date on Parkland Area Soccer.


The founding members of Parkland Area Soccer Club chose the Volunteer Model as the basis for our membership.  They believed this to be the best model for our membership.  They spent many hours debating the various models available and determined that volunteers who give freely of their time will always work toward what is best for the players, our children.  I know there are many options available to our members for their soccer experience and I thank you for continuing to choose our club and the ideals we strive for.  With this in mind, I ask you to volunteer.  Each and every one of you has talents and skills that we need.  In your professional and personal lives, you have expertise in many areas.  We need your expertise to help us grow and develop our club.  On our website there is a news item that lists a few key positions we need and I ask you to contact me and get involved.  Like all organizations, the business of our club requires all the disciplines needed to run any organization.  We need educators, organizers, mentors, leaders, thinkers and doers.  I ask you to look at the talents that you have and to get involved today to help us in our goal to grow and develop this year.


As many of you know, Major League Soccer is coming to Eastern Pennsylvania.  As posted on our website, we are proud to be the First Lehigh Valley Soccer Club to partner with the Philadelphia Union.  This partnership will provide a great opportunity for our players and their families to be exposed to professional soccer both here in the Lehigh Valley and professional soccer at the new stadium in Chester, Pa.  We receive many benefits with this partnership and we hope that the exposure to the professional players and coaches will add to the value we bring to our players in the Lehigh Valley.


I am honored to be the acting steward and voice of Parkland Area Soccer Club.  The stewards who came before me have served the club well and with your help it is my goal to continue to provide the Best Soccer Value in our area and to grow and develop our club.


Please email me at I want to hear from you.  I want you to helps us grow and develop.  I want you to feel the energy and enthusiasm I see when I interact with the volunteers and members of our club.  I want you to experience the rewards that come from seeing the smiles on the thousands of faces of our players when they step out on the pitch.  Become more involved as the rewards are priceless.


For our players and the love of the Game,


Jim Fell


Parkland Area Soccer Club