PASC Hosts Grade 8 Referee Course


 PASC hosts EPYSA Grade 8 Referee Course in March.  

Registrations must be received by February 22nd.

Referee Course Flyer


Q&A from Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association Referee Committee

Becoming a Referee
To become a Referee you need to first decide what level of games and assignments you will be doing for the next year or so, how much time you want to commit to the training and how much money you want to spend becoming a referee. So an Adult might be interested in doing Adult games as well as Youth games, while it is likely that young referees would only be interested in doing Youth games. As such the starting point for the Adult would be a Referee Grade 8 and would be interested in taking the 18 hour (6 Session) Entry Level Class.
Referee Grade 8
If you are interested in all levels of Youth play, both centering and lining, then this grade is for you. Requires annual recertification.
Referee Grade 8 is the "traditional" starting point for most referees, but the class is a 18 hour clinic and the cost is more. However, most referees in Eastern PA are Grade 8 referees, as this provides the most opportunity. Because of this, most Entry Level Classes are for Grade 8.
If you want to become a Referee in Eastern PA, candidates must be at least 14 years old by the end of the last class (3/27/10) - there are no exceptions.