Recruitment for Coaches Game

November 6th, 6:30 pm

Hi Everyone,

Time for the old and infirm to strut their stuff again – the PASC Fall Coaches’ Game will be held at Lehigh County Fields on November 6th (kick-off 6:30pm) and you’re all invited to play.  Afterwards we will again repair to Red Robin on Tilghman Street for a (hopefully) convivial post-game get-together.

The Club and Red Robin will supply appetizers but unless team captains John  Madeira and Jim Fell step up to the plate you will have to buy your own drinks. Even if you aren’t able to play in the game the Club still extends an invitation to you to join in the fun at Red Robin. It’s a small thank you for the effort you put in each season.

Please also pass this invitation on to your assistants – and if you can get your team members to come along and watch then so much the better. No better way to coach the kids than have them come along and watch their coaches show how the game should be played (I think that’s right).
Please let me know if you are able to make the game – it’s a fun occasion and a game for players of all skill levels.
George White