More Union Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Newest Coaches for being nominated to attend a Union Game.  Thank you all for pitching in and sharing your PASC pride for the players!
Stephanie Franke, Juan Hersommer & Dave Kunz all u10b
Tony El-Kik u10g, Rob Broekhuis u12b, 
Cindy Craft u12g, & John Yesutis u14g

Coach John Kowalski has been nominated to take his u12g team to an upcoming Philadelphia Union game.  John is dedicated to the girls’ success on and off of the field.  Thank you John for inspiring your team and being a consistent positive role model!

  Russ Owen has been nominated for his continuous efforts with PASC as coach, age group coordinator, and league representative.  Russ and his u16 boy’s team will be sharing their PASC spirit at a Philadelphia Union game.  
Thanks Russ!

PASC Lightning, U12G rec team coached by George Hlavac, has won tickets to Philadelphia Union’s home opener
for their continuous positive energy and team spirit.
The core of the PASC U12G Lightning has played together since Kinder Soccer (Emily H., Averi C., Isabella M., Jacquelyn G., Emily B., and Jenna L.). With a few exceptions, the remaining members of the Lightning have played with the team every season since moving up to the U10 level (Alyssa R., Jordyn O., Shaelyn S., and Breanna P.). Joining the Lightning at various times over the past few seasons have been Delaney H., Kaitlyn K., Sophia H., and Meredith H..
Playing together for so long has certainly had its benefits for the Lightning. Going into the spring 2011 season, the Lightning has won 32 straight NVYSL games dating back to the spring of 2009. Defense has carried the Lightning during this streak, allowing only 24 goals to its opponents. Last fall, the Lightning finished the NVYSL season 9-0, giving up only 1 goal all season.
In addition to its NVYSL schedule, the Lightning regularly plays in at least 2 tournaments each season. Last fall, the Lightning (with the help of some players from the PASC Panthers) placed third in the 2010 SISL’R Slam tournament in Souderton. In the spring of 2010, the Lightning placed fourth in the very competitive Quarry Classic in Wyomissing and placed third in the West Chester Rec-Plus Classic. In the fall of 2009, the Lightning placed first in the Upper Moreland Intramural Select tournament and placed third in the 2009 SISL’R Slam tournament.
The Lightning looks forward to many more great seasons together.

Tyler Madeira, Lauren Madeira, Brendan Burke, Connor Burke and Alex Turner have been nominated for their willingness and consistent help with the PASC iSoccer Academy. These players have shown up to each session and assisted the younger groups players by providing individual help with the skill the younger player may be struggling with.  In addition these players have consistently been called upon to demonstrate and support the coaches to ensure the proper technique is being demonstrated the to academy participants.   All of these players do this without being asked or prodded to lend a hand which is something that has a positive impact on the young players will look to emulate as they get older. 
These players have assisted with grid layouts, moving back nets, setting up cones, taking down scores during the player assessments and picking up the cones at the end of a iSoccer session. Again, all done without asking by another coach or parent. 
It’s wonderful that Tyler, Lauren, Brendan, Connor and Alex want to give back to a sport that they truly enjoy which PASC affords them the opportunity to play for. For these reasons I am hopeful PASC would consider this nomination and recognize these players for giving back to PASC.

Peter Burke and Layne Turner have also been nominated for all their support of the iSoccer Academy this 2010-2011 winter season.
Peter and Layne both quickly volunteered to take on one of the two lead coaching positions each. Not only do they lead all the training sessions, they also select the individual drills, coordinate the communication with all the participants and supporting coaches and track who is accessing the web site, etc., etc. In other words, the lead coaching roles involve both coaching and administration. And, each week the kids return, eager to learn new tricks and most often with smiles on their faces. An excellent program lead by two excellent volunteers.
Hats off to Peter and Layne! PASC is very fortunate to have coaches like them volunteering their personal time on behalf of PASC and all its member families.