River Soccer Tournament

PASC will be attending the River Soccer Tournament over Columbus Day Weekend for the 8th consecutive year! Two of our founding members and past president, Jim Fell and Paul Moyer, took their respective teams down to DE back in 2006. The original purpose was to let this tournament be a team bonding experience. Let the boys and girls grow as friends and teammates. It has since grown into a club event, where the parents are included!! This year, PASC will have 13 teams at the event!! There is always a pizza party by the pool on Saturday. During Saturday night, each team gets a chance to present a 3-5 minute video about their teams. There have been some very creative mini-films and videos shown!! The Duff family always lead the way in that department. I can't wait to see this years creations.
Hope to see you down there this year. Good luck to all of the teams participating. We hope to share some of the pics when we all come back. Check our facebook page and this website.