PASC Photo Days - September 26th and 27th

PASC Photo Days - September 26th and 27th

Place: Orefield Middle School, 2675 PA-309, Orefield, PA  18069,  Rain or Shine.

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PASC SPIRITWEAR will be on sale both days. 

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Photo Schedule

Sat 26 Sept. @ OMS Sat 26 Sept. @ OMS Sun 27 Sept. @ OMS Sun 27 Sept. @ OMS
9:00 AM Mendez U8Boys 9:00 AM Berger U13Boys Travel 11:00AM Berger U13Girls Travel 11:00AM Cole U14Girls Travel
9:15 AM Kotch U10Girls Rec 9:15 AM Olatilo U9Boys Travel 11:15 AM Coffield U12Boys Travel 11:15AM  
9:30 AM Hill U10Boys Rec 9:30 AM Fredich U8Girls 11:30AM   11:30AM McMullen U9Girls Travel
9:45 AM Hill U12Boys Rec 9:45 AM   11:45AM Frank  M/K 11:45AM Greenawald  U16Boys
10:00 AM Hoysan U9Girls Travel 10:00 AM Bell U10Boys Rec 12:00PM  Giaquinto  M/K 12:00PM Rock  M/K
10:15 AM Wood U8Girls 10:15 AM Diegert U8Girls 12:15PM Kur  M/K 12:15PM Jones  M/K
10:30 AM Frank U8Boys 10:30 AM Whitehead U8Boys 12:30PM Sciarrino  M/K 12:30PM Mosel  M/K
10:45 AM   10:45 AM Brady U11Boys Travel 12:45PM Nickel  M/K 12:45PM Clark  M/K
11:00AM Lundy U10Girls Rec 11:00 AM Mang U12Girls Rec 1:00PM Bus  M/K 1:00PM Vargas  M/K
11:15 AM Wehr  U7Coed  11:15 AM Hartzell U7Coed 1:15PM Virmalo  U14Boys Rec 1:15PM Hutchinson U16Girls Rec
11:30 AM Mosel U7 Coed 11:30 AM Garr U7Coed 1:30PM King U16Girls Rec 1:30PM Hickey U19Girls Rec
11:45AM Lorenzo U8Boys 11:45 AM Donohoe U12Boys Rec. 1:45PM Broekhuis U14Girls Rec 1:45PM Murray U11Boys Travel
12:00 PM Dean U10Boys Travel 12:00 PM Dratch U19Boys Rec. 2:00PM Hare U11Girls Travel 2:00PM  
12:15 PM Kubat U12Girls Travel 12:15 PM   2:15PM McNamara U16Boys Rec 2:15PM Bower U14Boys Rec.
12:30 PM Hahn U11Girls Travel 12:30 PM Sprunk U9Boys Travel 2:30PM McNamara U16Girls Rec 2:30PM  
12:45 PM Sherrill U12Girls Rec 12:45 PM   2:45PM Dononoe U11Girls Travel 2:45PM  
1:00 PM Shaul  U12Boys Rec. 1:00 PM   3:00PM Radio U13Boys Travel 3:00PM Mukkulainen U16Boys Rec
1:15 PM   1:15 PM   3:15PM Villano  M/K 3:15PM Villano  U10Boys Rec
1:30 PM   1:30PM          
1:45 PM   1:45PM