Recreational FAQs

What are the age groups and how long are the games for the Recreational Program?

U10 - 48 minute game broken into (4) 12 minute quarters
U12 - 50 minute game broken into (2) 25 minute halves
U14 - 70 minute game broken into (2) 35 minute halves
U16 - 80 minute game broken into (2) 40 minute halves
U19 - 90 minute game broken into (2) 45 minute halves

What leagues do the Recreational teams participate in during the season?
Recreational Teams play in the NVYSL (Northern Valley Youth Soccer League).

When are the games?

Spring games have the following schedule: 

U16 - U19 play on Saturdays, usually done by 4:00. 
U10 - U14 play on Sundays from 1:00 pm until about 5:30 pm.
Fall games swap days & have the following schedule:
U16 - U19 play on Sundays after 12:00 pm.
U10 - U14 play on Saturdays from 9:00 am until about 3:30


How much travel is involved in the In-House and Recreational programs?
Against popular belief, travel for our Recreational program is not that much. Most teams will play their games within a 10 mile radius, depending on the teams in their age division.

Are there any other costs for the Recreational program?
No, although parents may take turns providing snacks and drinks for participants in the younger age groups.

When am I notified that my child is on an In-House or Recreational team?
Fall Season Coaches will notify participants on their team in the August time frame. Spring Season Coaches will notify participants on their team in the March time frame.

Who can I contact with more questions about In-House or Recreational soccer?

Any questions can be directed to the Rec Coordinator at,