Message from 2010 PASC President

The Upper 90

March 2010

To:  All Members of Parkland Area Soccer Club


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Program Coordinators and the Key Volunteers of our Club, I look forward to the Spring Season and the rest of this year with great expectation and soaring anticipation for the growth and development of our club.  Over the past few months there have been a number of significant changes to our club, our programs, our committees and the way we present ourselves to the public.  We feel these changes will help us grow and develop our young athletes, our capabilities and expertise, and our brand.


Since our beginnings in 2005, my predecessors on the Board of Directors have carefully and consistently worked to make our club foundation strong.  And so today we embark on our 6th year of operations and look to grow and develop the structure to put on that strong foundation.  We believe that we offer the best Soccer Value in this area and our consistent strong membership numbers allow us to plan for our future growth and development.  Our goal this year is to grow and develop our players, our programs, our committees, our volunteers, our sponsorship and our respect and admiration in our community and the soccer community.


The most impressive change is that we have strengthened, increased and focused our Coaching Committee on the growth and development of our players, noted above as one of my key objectives for this year.  We believe it is essential and critical that we provide affordable high level training for our players and coaches.  With this in mind, our coaching committee is developing plans and working with our programs on training plans and curriculums for every member of our club to help them become the best soccer player that is within them.  We will once again offer our Player Development Program Clinics this spring and summer.  Our program information will be posted on our site and emailed to you in the very near future.


Another positive change is to our website.  Hopefully you visit the website regularly and if not, I encourage you to make time to visit the site soon and often.  Through many hours of work and development by a few key volunteers, we now have a portal that reflects the strengths of our club for our members and to the public. Our site is a tremendous source of information about who we are and the programs we offer.  Very few days go by where I do not receive a compliment on the site and its content.  Our content is changing daily and as our experience with the new site grows, we expect to make this the best option for our members to keep current on the success of our membership and opportunities for growth and development.


We also have a new service for our email communication.  We are convinced that electronic communication is the most effective means to reach our membership and keep them informed on club programs and activities.  We hope you find our messages informative and helpful as a way to stay up to date on Parkland Area Soccer.


The founding members of Parkland Area Soccer Club chose the Volunteer Model as the basis for our membership.  They believed this to be the best model for our membership.  They spent many hours debating the various models available and determined that volunteers who give freely of their time will always work toward what is best for the players, our children.  I know there are many options available to our members for their soccer experience and I thank you for continuing to choose our club and the ideals we strive for.  With this in mind, I ask you to volunteer.  Each and every one of you has talents and skills that we need.  In your professional and personal lives, you have expertise in many areas.  We need your expertise to help us grow and develop our club.  On our website there is a news item that lists a few key positions we need and I ask you to contact me and get involved.  Like all organizations, the business of our club requires all the disciplines needed to run any organization.  We need educators, organizers, mentors, leaders, thinkers and doers.  I ask you to look at the talents that you have and to get involved today to help us in our goal to grow and develop this year.


As many of you know, Major League Soccer is coming to Eastern Pennsylvania.  As posted on our website, we are proud to be the First Lehigh Valley Soccer Club to partner with the Philadelphia Union.  This partnership will provide a great opportunity for our players and their families to be exposed to professional soccer both here in the Lehigh Valley and professional soccer at the new stadium in Chester, Pa.  We receive many benefits with this partnership and we hope that the exposure to the professional players and coaches will add to the value we bring to our players in the Lehigh Valley.


I am honored to be the acting steward and voice of Parkland Area Soccer Club.  The stewards who came before me have served the club well and with your help it is my goal to continue to provide the Best Soccer Value in our area and to grow and develop our club.


Please email me at I want to hear from you.  I want you to helps us grow and develop.  I want you to feel the energy and enthusiasm I see when I interact with the volunteers and members of our club.  I want you to experience the rewards that come from seeing the smiles on the thousands of faces of our players when they step out on the pitch.  Become more involved as the rewards are priceless.


For our players and the love of the Game,


Jim Fell


Parkland Area Soccer Club


In-House Coaches

Fall 2010

 Micro U5  Dave Ervin
 Micro U5  Rick Gerhart
 Micro U5  Jamie Giaquinto
 Micro U5  Michelle Kaetzel
 Micro U5  Victor Lea
 Micro U5  Matt Merkel
 Micro U5  Jeff Metzger 
 Micro U5  Craig Seland
 Micro U5  Chris Valunutas
 Kinder U6  Dave Cole 
 Kinder U6  Patrick Donohoe 
 Kinder U6  Ed Duborg
 Kinder U6  Hahn
 Kinder U6  Jim Kistler
 Kinder U6  Victor Lea
 Kinder U6  John Marko 
 Kinder U6  John McGarr
 Kinder U6  Shaun Reilly
 U7 Boys  Patrick Birns
 U7 Boys  Greg Coffield
 U7 Boys  Christine Guenther
 U7 Boys  Mike Wagstaff 
 U7 Girls  Stefani Buck
 U7 Girls  David Ervin
 U7 Girls  John Fejes
 U7 Girls  Jamie Giaquinto
 U8 Boys  Doug Cappellini
 U8 Boys  David Coleman
 U8 Boys  Nancy Reightler
 U8 Girls  Barry Berger
 U8 Girls  Ted Dean
 U8 Girls  Carl Rucker




















Recreational Coaches

Fall 2010

 U10 Boys  David Ervin
 U10 Boys  Steve Ratliff
 U10 Boys  Peter Smyth
 U10 Girls  Marcelo Gareca
 U10 Girls  Bill Hoysan
 U10 Girls  Chris McKinley
 U10 Girls  Don Penrod  
 U12 Boys  Bert Mukkulainen
 U12 Boys  Mike Saliby
 U12 Boys  Chris Snyder
 U12 Girls  Abizer Bookwala
 U12 Girls  George Hlavac
 U12 Girls  John Kowalski 
 U14 Boys  Jason Doll
 U14 Boys  Scott Smith
 U14 Girls  Miguel Delgado
 U16 Boys  Russ Owen
 U16 Girls  John Olesak/Mike Rose
 U16 Girls  Randy Wenhold
 U19 Boys  Mark Lusignea
 U19 Girls  Sue Lucas


Special Needs (Ages 6-19)

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities and is a US Youth Soccer program.  The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, ages 6-19.

PASC has offered TOPSoccer since the Fall of 2006.  In the Spring 2008 our TOPSoccer program has expanded to include children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy.  As the program grows, so will the opportunities for athletes with other disabilities.  Our goal is to enable all young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of our soccer family. 

TOPSoccer Flyer

For more information, please contact our TOPSoccer Coordinator at



Win a Chance for a VIP Team Clinic

You could win a VIP Skills Clinic Hosted by an MLS Player for Your US Youth Soccer Team!

You may dream about scoring the big goal and winning the game, but there are so many other ways to play with confidence on the soccer field. Were you the teammate who passed out the assists? Did you devote extra time – or help a pal – to learn how to bend it, cross it, tackle it, or juggle it? Tell us your story about how you demonstrated confidence and you could win the Degree® Cool & Confident Kid Award, which includes a VIP Skills Clinic hosted by an MLS player and $500 for your US Youth Soccer team.

If you’re on a US Youth Soccer team and will be between the ages of 8-12 on Dec. 31, 2010, you’re eligible to enter. Just ask your parent or legal guardian to help you print out and complete this Official Entry Form. Remember: while you can only enter once, you can be a Cool & Confident Kid all the time!


Download and print the entry form   

Official rules and prizes

PASC Players Make Olympic Development Program

October 2010

Several PASC Players Announced For ODP Pool!


PASC is pleased to share the announcement that the following players have been identified by the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association for the...


Coaches, Players and Parents,
Please be vigilant at soccer practices and games.  There have been two events recently that are reminders to play it safe.  Coaches and parents, do not leave players unattended at the field.  Lock your cars.


1st Annual - Kick For A Cause 3 v 3 Tournament

December 5, 2010

 2010 - Benefits Ally Armstrong
As you may know, we do a lot of charity work throughout the off-season and our...

NSCAA Youth Level II Diploma Coaching Course

December 4, 2010

 NSCAA Youth Level II Diploma
(Formerly the State Diploma)
December 4, 2010
Allentown Soccer Club
Trexler Middle School Allentown, PA

Thanksgiving Speed & Agility Camp - 3 days ONLY $25

November 22-24, 2010

PASC Travel Teams in Playoffs

November 13-14

Good luck this weekend to the PASC teams competing in playoffs!  U12 and U14 Girl’s Premier Teams in PAGS, and U13 Boy’s Premier Team in DELCO.
Come on out and support the U12 girls as they...

Fall Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser is here!  Each card is only $10 and has unlimited usage to local restaurants, businesses, and retail stores.  Talk to your coach about getting your package of discount cards.


Level 8 Referee Course

November, 2010

The Quakertown Soccer Club will be hosting a Level 8 Referee Course this November for anyone interested in becoming a Travel Referee.  Below is a flyer that should give the needed information.  
Course requirements are a minimum of 15 students and not more than 30.  Registration is needed by October 11th.
Tim Shelly
Course Coordinator

Win Tickets to the Philadelphia Union!


Contest to Win Soccer Tickets!

Are YOU a player, a coach, a soccer mom, the “flag guy”, or a grandparent on the sideline? It doesn’t matter–we want to know,  “Why do you love PASC soccer?”

By filling...

PASC Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2010

Look stylish at the soccer games and support cancer research at the same time.  For every jersey purchased, $10 is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.
The Komen jersey will also be available at the Spiritwear sale on October 24th.

Coach & Referee Courses

October / November

So you want to be a coach or ref?  There are some great local courses coming up, check out our Camps/Clinics page.

Recruitment for Coaches Game

November 6th, 6:30 pm

Hi Everyone,

Time for the old and infirm to strut their stuff again – the PASC Fall Coaches’ Game will be held at Lehigh County Fields on November 6th (kick-off 6:30pm) and you’re all invited to play.  Afterwards we will again repair to Red Robin on Tilghman Street for a (hopefully) convivial post-game get-together.

The Club and Red Robin will supply appetizers but unless team captains John  Madeira and Jim Fell step up to the plate you will have to buy your own drinks. Even if you aren’t able to play in the game the Club still extends an invitation to you to join in the fun at Red Robin. It’s a small thank you for the effort you put in each season.

Please also pass this invitation on to your assistants – and if you can get your team members to come along and watch then so much the better. No better way to coach the kids than have them come along and watch their coaches show how the game should be played (I think that’s right).
Please let me know if you are able to make the game – it’s a fun occasion and a game for players of all skill levels.
George White

PASC Day at Red Robin

October 17th

It’s that time again.  Red Robin will be hosting our 12th PASC Day on Sunday, October 17th from 12 - 8 pm.

Red Robin Flyer

NSCAA Youth Level II Coaching Course

October 9, 2010

There will be a NSCAA Youth Level II course offered locally next month The curriculum focuses on the organization of a practice session, using small-sided games to enhance knowledge and fun, basic understanding of the Laws of the Game, and information about the care and prevention of injuries.  This would be a great course for any In-House Coach (M, K, U7 & U8) that has never taken a coaching course before.

Travel Teams Shine at KidsPeace

August 21-22

PASC had quite a showing at the 13th Annual KidsPeace Soccer Invitational on August 21 and 22 in Orefield.  As always, a special thanks goes out to KidsPeace.  They did a great job organizing this...

Photo Weekend - Revised Schedule!

September 25-26

PASC Participants,

September 25th and 26th many of our teams will be having photos taken at Wehr’s Mill Park.  Please take a moment to look at the photo schedule to make sure you know the correct...

In-House Games Now Posted

Fall 2010 Season

The Game Schedules are now posted for U5 Micro, U6 Kinder, U7 and U8 teams.

In-House Game Schedules

Game Schedules for U8 Boys revised 9/9/10, U8 Girls revised 9/15/10.

FREE Coaching Clinic - PPL Park

Monday September 20, 2010

This coaching clinic will be held at Philadelphia Union’s PPL Park and is for as many coaches as you would like to attend.  It is not limited, so whoever can make it is perfectly ok. 

The clinic will be run by Union Assistant Coach John Hackworth and is ONLY open to coaches.  The session will last 60-90 minutes and will cover game day preparation, weekly preparation, basic skills, etc

Coaching Clinic Flyer

EPYSA Outdoor Cup Information


Parkland Soccer Camp

August 9th - 12th pm

Parkland Soccer Skills Camp
for players entering grades 7-12
Monday, August 9 - Thursday, August 12, 2010



EPYSA is hosting two camps for children ages 10-17 in Malvern, PA.

Day Camp 7/26-30; Resident Camp 7/11-15 or 7/18-22

EPYSA Camp Flyer


Muhlenberg Soccer & Multi Sport Camp

June - July

Muhlenberg College is offering two camps this summer;

Soccer Camp  and a Multi-Sport Camp.

Click on flyer for details.

Muhlenberg Camp Flyer

Goalkeeper Training


The Parkland High School Girls Soccer Team Coaching Staff are looking to train the hopeful goalkeepers of tomorrow.  Players can be just trying the position or be experienced at goalkeeping.  For boys and girls ages 10 to 16.
8 One1-Hour Sessions:
Tuesdays July 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
Thursdays July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Springhouse Middle School Soccer Field (parallel to Springhouse Road)
Cost $10.00 per session ($70.00 for all 8).  Checks made payable to Al Haddad. 

PHS Goalkeeper Flyer 

Velocity Soccer Speed & Agility Camp


Velocity Sports Performance will be hosting a summer speed & agility camp for soccer athletes in August.

Velocity is offering all PASC members a 20% discount (total fee $120 – only $10 per session) due to our partnership with them.  Training is for players of ages 8 - 14.   

Interested players/parents should contact Devon directly at a610-973-1530 or

Velocity Camp Flyer


Field Repairs In Progress

Coaches and Players:  Please stay out of the goal mouths at Neffs, Levans, and Independence Fields to ensure the grass repairs take root at least until September 3rd.  Thanks!

Contest Winners

"Why I Love PASC Soccer"

Congratulations to our Contest Winners to date.
Thank you for your dedication and love of PASC!
Kutaiba Nazif Layne Turner Stephanie Beese
Nichole & Joe Khalil Mike Andrejow

Why do you love PASC soccer?

Individual Winners:


Kutaiba Nazif, U19 Boys Rec Team

"Parkland Area Soccer Club has given me the chance to practice the game that I love.... a unique and a well organized club that helps its players stand out in their games. Every effort that is put by the sponsors, organizers, and coaches is a stepping block for me to be a better player in the future..."


Layne Turner, U12B Travel Coach

"I love PASC because it is not perfect.  It is a family made up of attitudes, opinions, differences and passions... 

the PASC family is committed to each other and promotes - the love of kids, the love of soccer and the desire to shape individuals."


Team Entry Winner:


Stephanie Beese for the U10 Boys Travel Team

"I wish my son’s team could see a Philadelphia Union Game because these boys have so much fun playing soccer ... that they would really enjoy some time off the green to watch great soccer."


Nominated Winners

Nichole and Joe Khalil

"Nichole has successfully and professionally coordinated our Club Festivals that has now put smiles on the faces of our members for six consecutive years!  Joe has been there to help...

Hats off to Nichole and Joe!"


Mike Andrejow, U19B Rec Team

"Mike has been an important member of our rec program not only for coaching, but for being our intermediary with LCCC in negotiating use of their fields... Mike has done a great job representing PASC"


Congratulations to our Contest Winners to date.  Thank you for your dedication and love of PASC!


Hi PASC Leaders,

     I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for putting together a great opportunity for coaches, volunteers, and players at the Philadelphia Union game yesterday. My wife, kids, and I all had a great time and we also got to see a great game by the Union.

     You all do a tremendous job with the club and beyond and don’t hear enough how much it is appreciated. So Thanks for everything you guys do!


Best regards,

Kent Hickey

Fall 2010 Registration


Fall 2010 Registration has been extended through AUGUST 10th!
Registrations after that will be taken based on availability only and subject to a $25 late fee.
MicroSoccer $50
U5 - birthdates

Chalk Talk for Youth Coaches - Pre Union Game

September 10th or 17th

Youth Soccer Coaches Chalk Talk

Philadelphia Union is hosting Chalk Talks for Youth Coaches.  Only 2 dates remain this year and attendance is limited to the first 50 coaches that respond back will be accommodated for each game. Each coach must have a ticket to the game they are attending or they will not be allowed in. The coaches who are attending will need to check in at the Media Gate, which is located on the Toyota Plaza in between the Supporters Gate and the Team Shop. Each coach will have to check in 2 hours prior to kick off. The Chalk Talk will start promptly 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to kick off. We will not wait if coaches are running late. The session will last 20-30 minutes. Once the session is over, your coaches will be escorted back out of the stadium to re-join their families/friends and then can re-enter the stadium once the gates open 60 minutes prior to kick off. 

If interested in attending, contact Bert Mukkulainen

9/10 vs. Portland 7:30PM –                    Check In Time – 5:30PM

9/17 vs. Columbus 7:30PM –                 Check In Time – 5:30PM

Coaches Game

June 2010

South Africa hasn’t been the only place to see scintillating soccer skills over the past few weeks.  Once again the Club coaches put on an equally sublime show at Lehigh County Fields in the Spring edition of the Coaches Game.  And no matter what problems the teams in South Africa may have had with the Jabulani ball the coaches showed that at their skill level the ball makes no difference. 

With numbers depleted through various coaches having other commitments and the hot and humid evening, the pace of the game was somewhat leisurely, though with the notable exception of Trevin Berger for Jim Fell’s Black team who made the Energizer bunny look positively idle.  Trevin spearheaded the Black team’s 5-4 win with a hat-trick though he owed much to renewing his u-12 Premier Boys coaching alliance with Brad Evans.  Brad’s calm organizing and faultless distribution (man among boys after all) were the key for the Black team and despite holding the team together in midfield/defense for most of the night he also managed to score twice.  With no subs available the Black team suffered an early reverse when Greg Herczeg, visiting from New York but subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by brother Vinnie by being ’invited’ to play, pulled a hamstring.

Even facing 10 men, however, John Madeira’s Red team struggled to find each other and the net.  Maybe John, like his compatriot Ronaldo in South Africa, found the pressure of the occasion too much while Bert Mukkulainen seemed to be still trying to come to terms with the fact that Sweden failed even to qualify for the World Cup.  Towards the end it looked like playing much of the game with 10 men might tell on the Black team but with Jim Fell an immovable force in midfield and the Red team finding the goalkeeper rather than the back of the net they held on to secure a narrow win. 

As ever it was a fun game, however, and we look forward to the Fall renewal. 

Cheers, George

PASC at IronPigs

June 6th


FeFe and Helen Flynn discussing whether she should throw a curveball or a fastball for the first pitch!

Nearly one hundred PASC members were in attendance at our first annual "PASC at Coca-Cola Park" this afternoon to cheer on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (AAA-affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies).

Pictured below, Helen Flynn with father and coach, Mike flynn.







PASC Tournament and Festival A Success!

May 2010

Another successful Recreational Tournament and PASC Festival were held at Lone Lane Park on May 29th.
Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, players & coaches for supporting these annual events.  A special thank you to both Randy Wenhold, Rec Coordinator and Nichole Khalil, Festival Coordinator who make these fun events what they are! 

PASC-NASC Summer Skills Camp

August 9-13th

Parkland Area Soccer Club in cooperation with North American Soccer Camps is offering our 4th Annual Summer Skills Camp.
Haven’t registered yet?  There’s still time, but registration is limited. 

Summer Pick Up Games

Wednesdays & Sundays

PASC will run our summer pick-up games again at Lone Lane beginning June 23rd through July 28th.  Wednesdays from 6:30-8 pm and Sundays from 1:30–3 pm.  No games on Sunday, July 4.  PASC Coaches will be at the sessions to help organize the teams, manage the fairness of play, and handle safety and security for players.

Travel Coaches

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

 U9 Boys Premier  Anthony Febbraro
 U9 Boys Red  Steve Babinchak
 U9 Girls Premier  John Madeira
 U10 Boys Premier  Joe Khalil
 U10 Boys Red  Rich Schantz
 U10 Girls Premier  Mike Flynn
 U10 Girls Red  Chris Wood
 U11 Boys Premier  Brad Evans
 U11 Boys Red  Obai Hurdle
 U11 Girls Premer  Michael Barna
 U11 Girls Red  Carl Rucker
 U12 Boys Premier  Layne Turner
 U12 Girls Premier  Kent Hickey
 U13 Boys Premier  Jim Fell
 U13 Girls Premier  Paul Moyer
 U13 Girls Red  Jim Ondrey
 U14 Boys Premier  Brian Schmoyer
 U14 Girls Premier  Hoanh Pham
 U15 Girls Premier  Scott Weigel

Recreational Coaches

Spring 2010

 U10 Boys  David Ervin
 U10 Boys  Mike Saliby
 U10 Girls  George Hlavac
 U10 Girls  Gladstone Hutchinson
 U10 Girls  John Kowalski
 U10 Girls  Chris McKinley
 U12 Boys  Scott Bennett
 U12 Boys  Tim Higgins
 U12 Boys  Heather Marks
 U12 Girls  Miguel Delgado
 U12 Girls  Katelyn Moyer
 U14 Boys  Jason Doll
 U14 Boys  Scott Smith
 U14 Girls  John Olesak/Mike Rose
 U16 Boys  Mark Lusignea
 U16 Girls  Sue Lucas
 U16 Girls  Randy Wenhold
 U19 Boys  Mike Andrejow
 U19 Boys  Russ Owen
 U19 Girls  Scott Smith

In-House Coaches

Spring 2010

 Micro U5  Dave Cole
 Micro U5  Carrie Hahn
 Micro U5  Jim Kistler
 Micro U5  John Marko
 Micro U5  John McGarr
 Micro U5  Jeff Messer
 Kinder U6  Dave Ervin
 Kinder U6  John Fejes
 Kinder U6  Jamie Giaquinto
 Kinder U6  Christine Guenther
 Kinder U6  Mark Hoffman
 Kinder U6  Ron Ondrejca
 Kinder U6  Matt Thayer
 Kinder U6  Mike Wagstaff
 Kinder U6  Chris Wood
 U7 Boys  Sharon Geroulo
 U7 Boys  John Messenger
 U7 Boys  Nancy Reightler
 U7 Girls  Steve Babinchak
 U7 Girls  Joe Khalil
 U8 Boys  Trevin Berger
 U8 Boys  Gregg Coffield
 U8 Boys  Richard Schantz
 U8 Girls  Bill Hoysan
 U8 Girls  Chris Bleam
 U8 Girls  Dave Cole
 U8 Girls  Dave Coleman
 U8 Girls  Marcelo Gareca
 U8 Girls  Darrell Truckly


















TOPSoccer Coach

Spring 2010

 TOPS  Alyssa Meola 

Travel Tryouts for 2010-2011 Season

Updated 5/21/10

The Parkland Area Soccer Club is pleased to announce the Tryout Schedule for the 2010 / 2011 Travel Season.  Tryouts will start on Monday April 26, 2010 for the U9 boys and girls teams and with a...

Travel Players

2010-2011 Season

If you have been invited to play on a travel team,
Thank you and Congratulations!

Summer Player Development Opportunities

June - July

PASC is offering two Player Development Programs with Bruce Morris for any player who is U8 or older.  There are multiple sessions during both the spring and early summer.  The flyer below lists all sessions, dates, and times.  Registration, linked below, is online for those interested.

PDP Flyer                     Register Now

Philadelphia Independence vs. FC Gold Pride

June 13th

Philadelphia Independence vs FC Gold Pride
Sunday, June 13th 6 pm West Chester University
 A Chance to Meet Marta! 


Hello Club Affiliates!


Hope you all are having a fantastic day! I wanted to make you aware of a special opportunity that we are making available strictly for our Club Affiliates. As you know, FC Gold Pride is coming to town on Sunday, June 13th. They sit currently in first place while we are right behind them in second. The atmosphere at the stadium is going to be fantastic and I wanted to invite you all out to the game.


As a special incentive, groups of 50 or more from clubs will have the opportunity to have a post game photograph taken with arguably the best female soccer player in the world, Marta! I’ve personally seen here play, and she definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the game! 


Please pass this along to your teams, coaches, parents, and of course players. If your club members are interested, please contact me directly and we will get you taken care of! Come out and support the Independence as they take on the top player in the world!

Kelly Rowland | Director of Outreach
Philadelphia Independence


Meet Olly Freeman

Player Development Officer

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Oliver Freeman and I am the PDO (Player Development Officer) for Parkland Area Soccer Club for this season.

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am 21 years old and was born and...

PASC at IronPigs

June 6th

Join PASC and the IronPigs at Coca-Cola Park on Sunday, June 6th.  Tickets are going fast!  Additional tickets in section 103 have been ordered to meet the demand.  Bring your team, family, or friends.   

Our Spring Fundraiser Is Here!

 PASC has a new and exciting spring fundraiser.
Click on the flyer for details.
ESPN Fundraiser Flyer                   Order Form
Order forms and checks will be collected at the May 5th & June 2nd Coaches Meetings; or Bert Mukkulainen can take team orders at any time.

Travel Tryouts for 2010-2011 Season

Updated 5/21/10

The Parkland Area Soccer Club is pleased to announce the Tryout Schedule for the 2010 / 2011 Travel Season.  Tryouts will start on Monday April 26, 2010 for the U9 boys and girls teams and with a...

6th Annual PASC Festival This Weekend!

May 29th

Saturday, May 29th 12:00-4:00 pm, Lone Lane Park    

PASC Partners with Philadelphia Union

The Parkland Area Soccer Club (PASC) is proud to announce a new youth Partnership with Major League Soccer’s PHILADELPHIA UNION for the 2010 season.  The first Lehigh Valley club to partner with MLS’ newest team, this partnership offers great opportunities for the children and their families, including player appearances, coaches’ clinics, tickets to home games and chances for members to escort players onto the field during pre-game ceremonies.  PASC will be prominently featured as a youth soccer partner on the video board at home Union matches and the club’s jersey will be on display in PPL Park.
“This partnership will provide a great opportunity for our players and their families to be exposed to professional soccer both here in the Lehigh Valley and professional soccer at the new stadium in Chester, Pa.,” said PASC club President Jim Fell.     
Parkland Area Soccer Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) soccer organization that is committed to exposing children of all ages and abilities to the great game of soccer.
Philadelphia Union’s first-ever First Kick will take place March 25, 2010 vs. Seattle Sounders FC at Seattle’s Qwest Field. The team’s home opener will be April 10, 2010 vs. D.C. United at Lincoln Financial Field.

Philadelphia Union Youth Appreciation Day

Saturday May 15th

Union/PASC Flyer

Any team(s) with at least 30 tickets, gets 1 player and 1 club representative onto the field at halftime to be honored for Youth Soccer Appreciation Day.  Wear your PASC jersey to show the fans in attendance your team’s great accomplishment and support for Philadelphia Union!

Velocity - Adult Fitness Program

May 4th - June 17th

Velocity Sports Performance will be hosting a 7-week evening Adult Fitness Boot Camp Class.  This class will be 7-weeks in duration.  Check out the flyer below and register today!   For more details contact Devon Ramella at 610-973-1550.

Adult Fitness Flyer

PHS Girls Soccer Team

Come out & support their home games!

Come out and support the PHS Girls Soccer Team at PHS:
Friday, April 16 - A huge game; they’d love a packed house!
play Emmaus JV at 5:30 pm
Saturday, April 24 - Youth Night, PASC playing at halftime
play CB West JV at 5 pm / Varsity at 7 pm
Youth wearing their PASC jersey will get a free hotdog
Friday, April 30 - Breast Cancer Night
play Nazareth JV at 5:30 pm / Varsity at 7:30 pm
Anyone wearing PINK gets a free hotdog
Monday, May 3 - A huge game; they’d love a packed house!
Rescheduled due to weather:  play Emmaus Varsity at 8 pm
Thursday, May 6 - Special Olympics Night
play Whitehall JV at 5:30 pm / Varsity at 7:30 pm
The Parkland Girls Soccer Teams trained 2 Special Olympic soccer teams last fall.  Both went on to win the Silver Medal in the Special Olympics 3-day tournament at Villanova this past November.  Between games, players from those squades will be presented with their silver medals on the track.
The community’s support that night, not for us, but for these players would be huge.
For a complete schedule of games click on, PHS Girls Soccer.
If you are interested in a mini-game at halftime of any home games or if you want any team to get recognized at halftime for winning a league or tournament…let me know.
Thank you in advance.  Your continued support is appreciated.
Al Haddad
PHS Girls Soccer Coach


FREE Clinic

May 1st

FREE Clinic for any PASC player!

Saturday May 1st the Parkland High School Girls’ Varsity & JV teams will once again hold two 1-hour clinics for any SPYA or PASC player.
Clinics will be held at: 9-10 am and 11-12 noon
There is no cost to attend the clinic.  Each player should have shinguards and bring a ball.

Philadelphia Independence Hosts Spring Camp

April 1st and 2nd

Philadelphia Independence is holding a Spring Break Camp.  Registration includes a ticket to the April 1st preseason match vs Penn State and the April 11th home opener vs Atlanta Beat.  Campers will also watch a training session and meet the Philadelphia Independence players.  Spring Break Flyer.

FREE Clinics at Muhlenberg

April 16 & 23

Muhlenberg Girls Soccer Team is hosting two free clinics; one for girls and one for boys. 

The girls will be held on Friday, April 16th from 6-7:15 pm.

The boys will be held on Friday, April 23rd from 6-7:15 pm.

Click on the flyer for details.  Muhlenberg Soccer Clinic Flyer

Shelby Brown Night

Thursday, April 22

10% of all checks will be donated to the family via the Funeral Home to help cover expenses related to her death. This includes EAT-IN or TAKE-OUT.

You must bring a copy of the attached flyer to Red...

PASC Teams up for Autism Walk

Dear Parkland Area Soccer Club Supporter –


PASC is pleased to announce that we have once again decided to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk and fundraiser here in the Lehigh Valley. 



Open Positions

PASC needs you!  Click on the position to inquire. 

Tax Season Special

 ** Special Offer to Parkland Area Soccer Club Members! **

Kleinhenz & Company, LLP is a Lehigh Valley CPA firm specializing in individual and business tax return preparation and financial advice for over 40 years. Conveniently located in the American Bank Building on Tilghman Street in South Whitehall Township, they have helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their tax, financial and accounting needs. 

Please see their website at for details, click on the coupon below, or call 610-432-9417.

Thank you for supporting our sponsor!
Parkland Area Soccer Club

Coaching Courses

March 18-20

Junior Level V Diploma (U-11 - U-18)
Formerly known as the Regional Diploma, the Junior Level V Diploma is a 13-hour course designed for the coach working players 11 to 18 years of age. An emphasis is placed on learning to work with the developing player within both an individual and team concept. The curriculum outlines how technical and tactical concepts can be applied in the development of players. The focus is placed on methods of coaching, teaching proper technique, the theory and application of offensive and defensive tactics and understanding team management. There is no testing in the Junior Level V Diploma.
Place:  Springhouse Middle School, Allentown PA
Date:   Friday March 18th 6-9.30pm & Sat March 19th 9-5pm
Fee:    $75
Junior Level VI Diploma (U-11 - U-18)
Formerly known as the Advanced Regional Diploma, the Junior Level VI Diploma is a 21-hour course that shares a portion of its curriculum with the Junior Level V Diploma. The Junior Level VI Diploma adds an eight-hour segment to the 13-hour Junior Level V Diploma curriculum, devoted to technical and tactical uses of small-sided games, the study of systems of play and a practice teaching component. Participants are given an opportunity to conduct a training session on an assigned topic and are assessed by the course instructor. All candidates must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application. If a candidate is under 18 years of age, an adult must accompany him or her for the duration of the course.
Place: Springhouse Middle School, Allentown PA
Date: Friday March 18th 6-9.30pm, Sat March 19th 9-5pm and Sun March 20th 9-5pm
Fee: $105
To register please forms below, this link:  NSCAA Coaching Education 

Junior Level V Form        Junior Level VI Form 

Coach Licensing Courses

Three different levels of Coaching Courses are being offered locally in March.  Courses will be held at Lone Lane.  Course descriptions are available at,  If interested, send your  e-mail and phone number along with which course they would like to attend to
State License
Saturday, March 13, 2010
Regional License
Friday- Saturday, March 19-20, 2010
 Advanced Regional License
Friday - Sunday, March 19-21, 2010

PASC Winter Tournament Wins

Congratulations Teams!

 LVYSL Indoor Tournament Champions:
U12/U13 Girls - PASC Pride
U13 Girls - PASC Force

EPYSA State Cup Finalists:
U10 Girls - PASC Rockets


Spring 2010 Registration

Still Not Registered?

Late Registration is open through February 28th
(based on availability)

PASC Hosts Grade 8 Referee Course


 PASC hosts EPYSA Grade 8 Referee Course in March.  

Registrations must be received by February 22nd.

Referee Course Flyer


Q&A from Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association Referee Committee

Becoming a Referee
To become a Referee you need to first decide what level of games and assignments you will be doing for the next year or so, how much time you want to commit to the training and how much money you want to spend becoming a referee. So an Adult might be interested in doing Adult games as well as Youth games, while it is likely that young referees would only be interested in doing Youth games. As such the starting point for the Adult would be a Referee Grade 8 and would be interested in taking the 18 hour (6 Session) Entry Level Class.
Referee Grade 8
If you are interested in all levels of Youth play, both centering and lining, then this grade is for you. Requires annual recertification.
Referee Grade 8 is the "traditional" starting point for most referees, but the class is a 18 hour clinic and the cost is more. However, most referees in Eastern PA are Grade 8 referees, as this provides the most opportunity. Because of this, most Entry Level Classes are for Grade 8.
If you want to become a Referee in Eastern PA, candidates must be at least 14 years old by the end of the last class (3/27/10) - there are no exceptions.


Travel Coaches!

Applications Now Being Accepted

The Travel Program is now accepting applications for Coaching Positions for the Fall 2010 / Spring 2011 Travel Season.  Interested coaches are required to submit an application to the Travel Coordinator by March 12, 2010.  The coach’s application can be found on the club web site under forms or from the link below.  Please indicate on the form in the “other pertinent information” section if you are interested in a head or assistant coach position.
You can email the completed form to by selecting the email button after completing the form, or you can choose the print function and mail the form or bring it to the meeting next week.
Thank you,
Jim Fell
Travel Coordinator

Host Family Needed for Spring Season

PASC is in search of a host family for our visiting NASC Player Development Officer (PDO).  Hosting will be for about 10 weeks during the spring season (late March-mid June).   The PDO will most likely be from the U.K. (London, England). 

If interested, please contact